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This video details people's experience of SVQs.

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Video transcript:

What is your experience of SVQs?

With my SVQ4 I done two profession modules with that it was a bit different because it was inter-management rather than dealing with individual people. A different level documentation etc once you got the hang of it, it was easy and you could understand why they did it that way. Now doing SVQ4 in management, very exciting again different tact and again it is away from individual people that you work with on the floor you now are dealing more with business etc it makes you thing gives you an insight you still examine your practice at all times and it gives you the confidence and skills to back up why you are doing a certain thing. So it's been very good very interesting at times hard work but worth it in the end.

How have SVQs helped you and your practice?

The way I think SVQ has benefited myself is to give me more confidence and giving me the skills and knowledge to question to have the reasons behind why certain practice is done or to examine other peoples practice and to question why ok it was done this way 10 years ago, why are we still doing it this way when there might be better things to do. So just looking at yourself looking at practice within Gleneagles dale opportunities looking at staff especially the management one at the moment is looking at your six hat thinking looking at all the theories ok morale is low what we can do to improve that ok practice can we do anything to improve practice. In the end of the day we are here to support individuals with learning disabilities, complex needs they are relying on us for safety for privacy, dignity to help them get through the day to stimulate them and we need to put new things into practice. Doing the SVQ equipped me with the skills with the knowledge to be able to put theory based things into practice. And the evidence is increased staff morale and increased support for individuals.

What are the benefits to service users and the workplace of SVQs being in place?

The staff within Gleneagles Day are very fortunate we have care systems that are now doing SVQ 3 and SVQ2 giving those greater skills, greater confidence to support individuals that they are working with.

A lot of care assistance as well as our community facilitators have done the medication module, standalone medication module to help support as we have a lot of individuals that are peg fed, they have medication while attending day services and also Tracheotomy and so the only facilitate in the area to do Tracheotomy care.

The SVQ has giving all individuals at work here the confidence the skills and knowledge equipped to be able to support individuals, not only with physical support but also with mental stimulation to make sure the creative and choice of activities that we are offering to service users.

The SVQ give a structure approach to work in so that groups are organised they structures there is a purpose behind them there is aims and objectives. So the SVQ gives staff that confidence and stimulates the staff as well to increase their knowledge to increase the activities that are available for the service users thus increasing the opportunities for the service users, practice ensures that all practice is questioned staff have the confidence to question other colleagues about practice so standard of practice is high the skills that they got is high and the confidence leading to fully equipped staff force which leads to well cared for well supported individuals

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