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This video details people's experience of SVQs.

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Video transcript:

What is your experience of SVQs?

Interviewee one

I actually really enjoyed it; I have to say I wasn't looking forward to doing it because I haven't done any kind of studying or that since I have left school. I was thinking it would be daunting but I found my assessor really really helpful, Fiona was her name and she was absolutely great and I felt like she gave me a lot of confidence in doing my SVQ 3. It took a wee while to get into; the jargon, but really most of what you cover you will be doing it every day. I just used my everyday practice and that actually filled in most of my SVQ, just experiences you come across and everyday things that happen with clients, emergencies and different things and you will find that it actually fills up your SVQ and you have got it done before you know where you are.

Interviewee two

I found it good it made me look at my own practice a bit better, gave me a wider knowledge of understanding of policies and the law and different procedures that can help the individual that you are supporting

How have SVQs helped you and your Practice?

Interviewee three

Well the SVQ is a great way to reflect on your practice both positive and negative, looking at positives it is a great way of enhancing your practice nobody is perfect and looking at negatives is a good way of changing your work practice or improving it but looking at things that you did in the past things you are going to work towards to in the future which is about developing and I think through doing the SVQ got me thinking about the work practice and of course other peoples work practice as well because we are a team where people have not gone through the SVQ yet, there is a waiting list to do it, so it's good that I have done it and it enhances not just my work practice but others.

Interviewee one

I think it definitely benefits you, I always felt that I had good practice anyway, but I felt then that I was confident really confident in my practice and confident in challenging people because I knew that what I was saying is right, covered a bit of the law regarding people so if you came across something like to you, had concerns regarding somebody vulnerability or they were making an accusation then you knew exactly what to do because you done your SVQ and you could act on that.

What are the benefits to service users and the workplace of SVQs being in place?

Interviewee two

I think it is a massive benefit to the service user the more staff that is trained in SVQ the better for them, because it lets us support them the way they need to be supported. And it just gives them a better outlook for life so that they are getting everything they require to let them lead as full a life as possible.

Interviewee three

I think, obviously having a qualified workforce who have got SVQs provide a better quality service that not taking in with anyone who does not have qualifications but as we said it helps you reflect on your work practice and develop an I think for the service users it provides them with a better quality of service knowing they have got a trained experience person working with them hoping to deliver opportunities for them and work in partnership with them so I think for the services users it is very important that people go for their SVQs and it is a very positive outcome for the service users as well because of the quality provided from having a SVQ.

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