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This video details people's roles within the Midlothian Council.

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Video transcript:

What is your role in Midlothian Council?

My role in Midlothian council is a contractor in terms of what I do as a contract officer I liaise with planning officers and resource managers to put in place contracts with provider, between the council and providers

How are you using the National Occupational Standards?

In terms of the national occupational standards for commissioning procurement and contracting, it serves as a platform for us to know what responsibilities we are supposed to carry out as commissioners and contract officers. It makes it easier for the councillors across the board and local authorities across Scotland. In terms of use of it as an individual it benefits me in times of my professional development aspirations. We have as part of the ASWU, go to the extent of developing a qualification linked in with a SQA to come up with a PDA and commissioning procurement and contracting a level 8 to support the workforce within social care commissioning in Scotland.

What are the benefits to you and Midlothian Council in working with NOS?

In terms of the organisation the Midlothian Council it helps with workforce planning and development and also helps with training. As I already indicated based on the National Occupational standards we have as part of the ADSW developed a PDA which is going to be delivered very soon. The PDA was validated on 8 March 2013 so in actual fact it's going to help the council to get the right qualified staff to carry out their duties. In terms of myself it will help my professional development career as well. By acquiring a qualification I will have the recognition and also have the accreditation and the confidence to carry out my work.

Do you or Midlothian Council have any plans to extend how you might use NOS?

I think the standards are more or less for the whole Local Authorities in Scotland, we were part of the consultation. I think during 2009 when I was implemented through Cosla and yourselves, SSSC we have already bought into the use of standards. There is a lot more to do in terms of making four years of it and the qualification that we developed, will go a long way to compliment what has already been done.

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