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Welcome to the Leadership Capability Feedback Process

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workforce employees

Someone who provides social services directly e.g. support worker, practitioner, social worker, policy officer, training officer.

service users

Someone who uses a social service or cares for someone who uses a service. Another term used is 'citizen leader'.


Someone who has a management or supervisory role e.g. team leader, middle/senior manager, training/policy manager.

corporate & strategic leaders

Someone with governance or strategic responsibilities for social services e.g. elected member, management board member.

Leadership Capability feedback is a powerful developmental method which involves you receiving feedback from people whose views are considered helpful and relevant. You'll also assess yourself using the same feedback form.

Respondents can be your peers, managers, staff, team members, service users, carers, other professional - in fact anyone who comes into contact with you and has opinions/views about you.

You should only take part in this as part of a supportive workplace relationship (eg supervision or mentoring).

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Be awarded an Open Badge for the leadership feedback capability tool

Leadership Capability FeedbackTool

You can apply for an Open Badge if you have used the SSSC leadership capability feedback tool to reflect on, invite feedback on and identify strengths and areas for improvement in your leadership.

For more information about the criteria and what you need to do to be awarded the Open Badge visit: