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Enhanced dementia practice for social workers

Personal outcomes - key resources

Leading for outcomes: dementia
Institute of Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS), 2011

Exploring an outcomes-focused approach within the context of dementia. The whole of this resource will inform your practice, although for this section on 'Personal Outcomes' you might want to pay particular attention to:

Talking Points-A Personal Outcomes Approach
Joint Improvement Team (JIT), 2012

The JIT website hosts a range of learning materials, tools and templates to support you to practice in an outcomes focussed way with families in the context of their communities. This includes guidance on assessing, recording and care planning in the context of a focus on outcomes.

Also on the JIT website:

Podcast; Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (now replaced by

The IRISS Podcast is a channel which published audio recordings which were of benefit to the social services sector, in Scotland and abroad. Listen to the following recordings for an example of the rich information you can access here. (For new audio recordings from IRISS contributors, visit

Self Directed Support in Scotland
Scottish Government

This is a Scottish Government website and provides a one-stop-shop for information about Self-Directed Support for health and social services professionals and for people who use services.

Self Directed Support Scotland (SDSS)

SDSS is a national membership organisation which actively promotes Independent Living by supporting, working with and championing the aims of Self Directed Support disabled people's organisations. Do you need to understand more about Personalisation and how it fits with self directed support? Visit the SDSS site to find out more.

Getting post-diagnostic support right for people with dementia - the Five Pillars model
Alzheimer Scotland, 2012

In this model, peer support is considered as one of the five key pillars which are recognised as essential to supporting people after their diagnosis.

Delivering Integrated Dementia Care: The 8 Pillars Model of Community Support
Kinnaird, L. for Alzheimer Scotland, 2012

This report by Alzheimer Scotland sets out an integrated and comprehensive, evidence based approach to supporting people with dementia living at home.

Personalisation and Participation: The Future of Social Care in Scotland
Commissioned by Care 21 for the Social Work Review, 2005

This report was commissioned as part of the 21 Century review of social work and provides an in depth exploration of personalisation, it describes service user journeys and brings the concept to life.

Promoting Excellence in supporting people through a diagnosis of dementia: enhanced practice resource

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