Childhood Practice - Practice Simulation

This simulation has been designed and developed to present learners with with a challenging scenario which will enable them to rehearse the skills required in real-world situations, but with the added benefit that mistakes made here will not have real-world consequences, but rather encourage further learning.

The sector is very diverse and we know that the majority of candidates for the Award will be applying their learning in their existing workplace which may, or may not, offer them the opportunity to deal with a range of challenging practice situations.

This simulation can be used in independently (from any learning base, whether informal, in-service) or formally as part of your childhood practice award curriculum. However, we would recommend that it be used as part of a structured programme of learning and that it should be complimented by the addition of opportunities for learners to communicate and collaborate with each other and with course tutors/facilitators. Course leaders may also wish to maximise the benefit of the resource by producing formative or summative assessment exercises based on its content.

Disclaimer: Please note that all people, places, services etc referred to in this simulation are entirely fictional and the product of the imaginations of the authors. Any similarity to people/places/services your know is entirely accidental.

To view this simulation as it was designed, it is important to use an up-to-date browser, such as Fireox, Internet Explorer 10 or later, Safari, Chrome, or an up-to-date alternative

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