Social Services & Healthcare

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Support effective communication
Support the health and safety of yourself and individuals
Develop your own knowledge and practice
Support the safeguarding of individuals
Contribute to the implementation of care or support plan activities
Support individuals to access information on services and facilities
Support individuals in their daily living
Support individuals to make journeys
Support individuals to meet their domestic and personal needs
Support individuals to participate in recreational activities
Support individuals to take part in development activities
Support individuals during therapy sessions
Provide food and drink to promote individuals' health and well-being
Support individuals to eat and drink
Help individuals to maintain mobility
Help address the physical comfort needs of individuals
Undertake agreed pressure area care
Support individuals with their personal care needs
Support individuals to manage continence
Maintain the feet of individuals who have been assessed as requiring help with general foot care
Assist in the administration of medication
Support the rights and wellbeing of individuals when they undergo healthcare procedures
Contribute to moving and positioning individuals
Monitor the condition of individuals
Support individuals to carry out their own healthcare and monitoring procedures
Support individuals who are distressed
Contribute to working in partnership with carers
Contribute to effective group care
Maintain safety and security when accessing individuals' homes
Manage environments and resources for health care procedures in social care settings
Protect yourself from the risk of violence at work
Develop effective relationships with individuals
Uphold the rights of individuals
Enable individuals to make their way around specific places
Receive and store medication and products
Obtain and test capillary blood samples
Obtain and test specimens from individuals
Contribute to the care of a deceased person
Contribute to the effectiveness of teams
Deal with messages and information
Support the safe use of materials and equipment
Support individuals in the community
Receive visitors in health and social care settings
Maintain a safe and clean environment
Maintain effective communication systems and practices
Lead practice for health and safety in the work setting
Take responsibility for the continuing professional development of yourself and others
Lead practice that promotes the safeguarding of individuals
Lead and manage provision of care services that promotes positive behaviour
Manage and develop yourself and your workforce within care services
Advocate with and on behalf of individuals
Lead and manage provision of care services that promotes the well being of people
Manage provision of care services that deals effectively with transitions and significant life events
Manage requests for health, social or other care services
Assess individual preferences and needs
Lead the service delivery planning process to achieve outcomes for individuals
Lead the planning process with individuals
Work with individuals with mental health needs to negotiate and agree plans for adressing those needs
Provide advice and information to those who enquire about health and social care services
Promote leisure opportunities and activities for individuals
Promote employment, training and education opportunities for individuals
Promote housing opportunities for individuals
Assist individuals at formal hearings
Supervise methadone consumption
Support people who are providing homes for adults, children or young people
Empower families, carers and others to support individuals
Assess the needs of carers and families
Lead the development of programmes of support for carers and families
Work with groups to promote individual growth, development and independence
Lead practice to reduce and prevent the risk of danger, harm and abuse
Support individuals who have experienced harm or abuse
Enable families to address issues with individuals' behaviour
Develop joint working arrangements for health and social care services
Lead practice for managing and disseminating records and reports
Monitor and manage the quality of the provision of care services
Promote your organisation and its services to stakeholders
Develop and disseminate information and advice about health and social well-being
Contribute to the development of organisational policy and practice
Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements
Manage tendering and contracting processes in health and social care settings
Evaluate the effectivemness of health, social or other care services
Procure services for individuals
Actively engage in the safe selection and recruitment of workers and their retention in the care services
Manage the recruitment and placement of volunteers
Exchange information and present at courts and formal hearings
Provide and present information for courts and formal hearings
Manage a dispersed workforce to meet the needs and preferences of individuals at home
Develop risk management plans to promote independence in daily living
Lead practice that promotes the rights, responsibilities, equality and diversity of individuals
Represent one's own agency at other agencies' meetings
Undertake a research project
Promote effective communication
Promote health, safety and security in the work setting
Develop your practice through reflection and learning
Promote the safeguarding of individuals
Contribute to the planning process with individuals
Support individuals to plan, monitor and review the delivery of services
Support individuals to use services and facilities
Support individuals to develop and maintain social networks and relationships
Promote individuals' positive self esteem and sense of identity
Prepare your family and networks to support individuals in your own home
Provide a home and family environmment for individuals requiring care and support
Contribute to the support of individuals who have experienced harm or abuse
Promote positive behaviour
Support individuals to live at home
Support individuals to retain, regain and develop skills to manage their daily living
Support individuals to manage their financial affairs
Support individuals to manage direct payments
Support individuals to access employment
Support individuals to access learning, training and development opportunities
Support individuals to access housing and accommodation services
Support the spritual well-being of individuals
Implement development activities to meet individuals' goals preferences and needs
Support individuals to continue therapies
Support individuals to deal with relationship problems
Support individuals to represent their own wishes and needs at decision-making events
Support individuals to access independent representation and advocacy
Present individuals' preferences and needs
Support individuals with specific communication needs
Support the use of technological aids to promote independence
Support individuals to communicate using interpreting and translation services
Develop programmes to enable individuals to find their way around environments
Support individuals to manage change in their lives
Support individuals to move into new living environments
Support individuals through bereavement
Support individuals at the end of life
Assist in the transfer of individuals between agencies and services
Work in partnership with carers to support individuals
Work with carers,families and key people to maintain contact with individuals
Support families in maintaining relationships in their wider social structures and environments
Work with families, carers and individuals during times of crisis
Obtain information from offenders regarding their behaviour
Prepare, implement and evaluate group activities
Supervise and enforce interventions in the community
Promote participation in agreed theraputic group activities
Contribute to the provision of support groups
Contribute to addressing situations where there is risk of danger, harm or abuse
Reinforce positive behavioural goals during relationships with individuals
Suport individuals with programmes to promote positive behaviour
Maintain effective working relationships with staff in other agencies
Participate in inter-disciplinary team working to support individuals
Support the development of community networks and partnerships
Work with community networks and partnerships
Contribute to raising awareness of health issues
Support the development of networks to achieve planned outcomes
Recruit and place volunteers
Plan, organise and monitor volunteering activities
Lead and motivate volunteers
Manage learning and development in groups
Facilitate learning through presentations in health and social care settings
Promote effective relationaships with individuals
Promote the rights and diversity of individuals
Support individuals to manage their own health and social well-being
Process information for use in decision-making
Assess performance in health and social care services
Promote the effectivness of teams
Support individuals to use medication in social care settings
Manage your relationship as an employee of the individual you support
Model pro-social behaviour when working with individuals
Carry out screening and referral assessment
Carry out assessment to identify and prioritise needs
Carry out comprehensive substance misuse assessment
Help individuals address their substance use through an action plan
Assess and act upon immediate risk of danger to substance users
Interact with individuals using telecommunications
Counsel individuals about their substance use using recognised theoretical models
Counsel groups of individuals about their substance use using recognised theoretical models
Carry out extended feeding techniques to ensure individuals nutritional and fluid intake
Undertake routine clinical measurements
Move and position individuals
Recognise indications of substance misuse and refer individuals to specialists
Test for substance use
Identify the physical health needs of individuals with mental health needs
Raise awareness about substances, their use and effects
Provide first aid to an individual needing emergency assistance
Administer medication to individuals
Encourage and support individuals undergoing dialysis therapy
Insert and secure urethral catheters and monitor and respond to the effects of urethral catheterisation
Support individuals who are substance users
Supply and exchange injecting equipment for individuals
Support individuals through detoxification programmes
Provide services to those affected by someone else's substance use
Obtain venous blood samples
Manage environments and resources for use during healthcare activities
Undertake tissue viability risk assessment for individuals
Promote the development of children and young people
Deliver services to families, children and young people from diverse cultural and language communities
Support individuals, families and communities to commission their own services