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Support Worker


Support workers are defined as workers who have delegated responsibility for providing care and support to people using care and support services.

Many people begin as a support worker without previous experience or qualifications.  However you may find it useful before entering employment to gain some experience through volunteering or undertaking a preliminary course of study at a Further Education College.  Experience of caring for people in your family is also very helpful.

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Posts at support worker level

Posts are all at the level of support worker but have various titles. These include:

• Support worker
• Care Assistant
• Assistant support worker
• Care worker
• Carer
• Home carer
• Housing support worker
• Home Care worker
• Social care worker
• Community support worker
• Day centre worker


The title of a post does not necessarily reflect the level it is at. You should check the content of a post and the job requirements to decide whether a post is at support worker or practitioner or any other level.

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