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SSSC Learning Zone

A fresh and flexible approach to learning

Whatever your role and level of experience, the SSSC Learning Zone has apps and resources to help you develop your knowledge and skills. You can work through the resources at your own pace and use them to contribute towards your recorded learning and development. Employers are more than welcome to use our resources within their workplaces.

Apps and resources from the SSSC

Making better decisions

Web page

Explore some challenging decisions and see how your choices might affect the outcomes of people if you had to make them in real life situations.

Adult support and protection

iPhone Android OER

Download this handy reference about adult support and protection to your smartphone and know it will be there when you need it.

Safe administration of medication

Web page

Learn about principles and good practice, understanding medication and practical considerations when undertaking safe administration.

Informed about dementia

Web page

Use these videos to become 'informed about dementia' and commit to making a positive difference for people living with dementia, their families and carers.


Engaging with children

iPad Android

NOS navigator

Web page

Understanding dementia

iPad Android

Preparing for practice

Web page OER

Maintaining your learning

iPad Android OER

Principles of care

iPad Android OER

Health and safety

iPad Android OER

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Learning technologies projects at the SSSC

The Learning Zone is looked after by the SSSC's Learning Technologies team and we'd be happy to hear from you about what you used it for and your suggestions on how we can make it work better for you in the future. It's just one of a number of projects we are working on, including:

The Mozilla Open Badge logo

Open badges are digital records of your achievements and skills. They're linked to assessment and evidence and can be used to give tangible value to the reflection you put into learning from different sources. The SSSC issued its first Open Badges in March 2015 and we're continuously adding to the range of badges we offer.

An Open Badge is more than just an image or button to show-off on your portfolio, blog or LinkedIn profile. Computer readable data stored within the badge, known as metadata, provides information about what the badge is for, what you had to do to earn it and evidence of that.

Visit to find out more and apply for a badge today.

Open Educational Resources logo

We want to make it easier for people to adapt and distribute our learning resources and that's what our Open Education project is all about. We're working towards widening the availability of our content to the social services workforce in Scotland and abroad, allowing people to benefit from access to high quality repurposable content in a wider range of formats than we provide currently.

Some of the learning resources on this website are available as Open Educational Recourses (OER). Look out for the orange OER label on items in our catalogue or the Creative Commons sticker on our resources. OER learning materials open not only because they're available on the internet but because they are available for others to use, distribute or adapt as required free of charge. Wherever possible we've made the content available in text format so you can create your own materials, apps, presentations or online courses from them.

Visit our Open Educational Resources page to find out more.

Not sure if mobile learning is right for your workers or organisation? Try it out with our mobile learning pilot scheme.

Mobile learning with tablets and smartphones can have benefits for both workers and employers:

  • workers can stay in the workplace to access learning resources
  • mobile learning in the workplace promotes better learning outcomes as people can relate the material better to your service and their practice.

We have a scheme that means you can run small mobile learning 'pilots' to see if this will benefit you and your workers. It's a great way to try it out before buying tablets or smartphones.

Read our article on SSSC news to find out more about how your organisation can take part.

As part of our work to promote the use of new technologies in learning, Advisers from the Learning Technologies team frequently talk at and run sessions at events. If you're planning a large conference for people in health and social services, we could talk about or run a session for you on:

  • learning resources available from the SSSC
  • using technology for learning - mobile, social media, badges etc
  • digital inclusion and digital literacy.

Depending on availability, we're also happy to come along to events and demonstrate our learning resources to attendees as part of a stand or informal session during the break. Contact us at if you would like to know more.

Follow us on Twitter or join us on one of our regular webinars if you want to know more about what the SSSC is doing with learning technology.

Featured content

Planning and organising for workforce development

A range of materials to support employers and employees in planning and organising for workforce development.

Childhood practice

A range of resources for Childhood Practice including: Career Pathway guidance and Practitioner Research.

Mobile learning

A range of learning resources and learning support resources developed for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Continuous Learning Framework

The Continuous Learning Framework (CLF) sets out what people working in social services need to be able to do their jobs well now and in the future and what their employer needs to do to support them.

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